"He has located a territory of his own... a state of hard-won calm continually bordering calamity"

(The Times, London)

"The master of modern horror."

(The Sunday Times, London)

An Englishman "with a Russian soul and an Italian heart," HUGH FLEETWOOD is an anomaly as an artist . He works in a style that an Old Master would recognise; yet he is not old-fashioned. An atheist, many of his paintings could be seen as profoundly religious. Though he is also a prize-winning writer and the author of some twenty-two published novels and collections of short stories, his work is never literary. And in an age that values the frivolous, the instantly disposable and the meretricious, he seeks in his pictures not merely to paint beautifully, but to tell, as he sees it, the truth: to be serious without ever being solemn, or dull. In a career lasting some forty years, he has had just three exhibitions of his work: one at the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto, Italy, the other two in London. Considering it the task of a painter to paint, not seek publicity, he has always gone his own way: trying, in a divided world, not to gloss over the division, nor to scream a denunciation, but rather to rejoin the separate halves; to reconcile Beauty and the Beast. He is a painter whose time has come; and whose work is destined to last.