The following few poems are taken from Fleetwood’s complete poetry collection, also entitled Sketches & Reflections. They in no way illustrate his paintings; they might, possibly, illuminate them.
How glorious are the murderers,
the brigands, the pirates, the thieves!
All hail to the tyrant, dictator,
to the autocrat, butcher and beast!
What laws they impose, what order,
to secure their fortunes and states,
and how - by way of consolation for the meek,
or further to enhance their power
and have their names
extolled -
they include amongst their train:
priests, philosophers, poets
and clowns.

(Ah the virtue they bequeath,
the wisdom,
the music, the pictures,
the laughs…)

So let’s hear it for pogroms and slaughter,
for atrocities, torture and rape,
and let us reflect
had monsters never roamed the earth,
you, reader, would not now be scanning these lines;
nor wondering if,
in writing them,
my purpose is ironical